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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do you accept Section 8 / low income?
Effective January 1, 2020, Jones & Jones Communities will now accept Section 8 vouchers.The rental requirements stay the same, and all applicants must qualify at 2.3 times the rental rate, as well as the employment and credit requirements.

2.  What is your pet policy and what breeds are allowed?
A.  Pets are welcome.  We allow up to 2 pets total.  There are no weight restrictions, but some breed restrictions do apply.  All pets are subject to review and the management's final approval.  If the pet is approved, we will require a deposit of $400 per pet and a monthly pet rent of $40 per pet.  We also require a photograph of the pet, current vaccination record and proof of license, if required by the city or county.  Pets must be spayed or neutered.

3.  Do you have a fitness center?
A.  No, we do not have a fitness center on-site.

4.  Are there washer and dryer hookups in the apartments?
A.  No, there are no private washer and dryer hookups inside each apartment, but there are laundry facilities available at the property.

5.  Does the security deposit depend on my credit score?
A.  We take into consideration a complete credit, rental and employment history when determining the security deposit.

6.  Do you offer 6-month leases?
A.  Yes, we offer 6-month leases, however, the rent will be increased by 20% per month.

7.  How many people are allowed to live in an apartment?
A.  The guidelines are as follows:
              1 bedroom - No more than 3 people
              2 bedrooms - No more than 5 people

              3 bedrooms - No more than 7 people

8.  Are utilities included?
A.  Utilities are property specific.  Please contact the Leasing Office for more information.

9.  How long can I hold an apartment?
A.  With a holding deposit, an apartment can be held for 14 days.

10.  How long will the application approval process take?
A.    Once we receive all the required documents, the approval process should take no more than 48-72 hours.

11.  Do you accept cash for holding deposits or rent?
A.  Under no circumstances do our offices accept cash.  You can pay online at your property's website,